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April 11, 2014
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IDEA Competition

Funding provided by: 360 Manufacturing and Applied Engineering Center of Excellence, Blandin Foundation, Bremer Bank, Crookston and Warren, Midwest Minnesota Community Development Corporation, Northwest Minnesota Foundation, Northwest Regional Small Business Development Center, and University of Minnesota Crookston.


The IDEA Competition

IDEA (which stands for Ingenuity Drives Entrepreneur Acceleration) is a project of Ingenuity Frontier, a collaboration of partners joined by a common purpose — to grow the economy of Northwest Minnesota by outfitting the next generation of homegrown innovators for success in the global marketplace.
Some might call IDEA a competition, but it is much more.

IDEA was designed to assist the most promising local entrepreneurs in the commercialization of innovative products, processes and deliveries by connecting them to the best resources available, along with access to the capital it takes to launch a successful venture.

Participants have the chance to win one of 5 $10,000 cash awards, along with the opportunity to pitch their idea to qualified potential investors and leaders in the business community.

Project partners include: 360 Manufacturing and Applied Engineering Center of Excellence, Agricultural Utilization Research Institute, Bemidji State University, Enterprise Minnesota, Headwaters Regional Development Commission, Northland College, Northwest Minnesota Foundation, Northwest Regional Development Commission, Northwest Regional Small Business Development Center, Positively Minnesota, University of Minnesota Crookston, and UND Center for Research and Innovation.


IMPACT 20/20

IMPACT 20/20 is an alliance of senior executives and elected officials who came together in the fall of 2008 to explore the possibility of developing a collective action plan for the economy of Northwest Minnesota.  Participants included seven of the region’s top business people, three heads of higher education, two tribal chairs, two officers of utility cooperatives, two presidents of healthcare institutions, two directors of economic development commissions, two directors of workforce development organizations, one school superintendent, one director of a K-12 service cooperative, one president of a foundation, and one state commissioner. 

This group of leaders has identified a purpose statement, core values, and three initiatives that require collective action to successfully lay the foundation for future economic prosperity in Northwest Minnesota.

Why form an alliance? To be successful, economic development must view the big picture, anticipating trends that are just appearing on the horizon. And, in order to see the big picture, in order to think and act strategically, top-level policy makers and top-level decision makers must come around the table together.

In developing a strategic, business-led vision for Northwest Minnesota, IMPACT 20/20 members recognize that:

  • The time to plan for tomorrow is today. (Future-oriented)

  • We need to capitalize on what we have and treasure. (Strengths-based)

  • We need to work together to build on diverse strengths for common prosperity. (Collaborative)


Ingenuity Frontier

Ingenuity Frontier is Northwest Minnesota: a place where manufacturing innovation thrives. The project has a three-fold approach, maximizing educational opportunities, enhancing a pervasive culture of innovation, and branding the region as a hub of manufacturing innovation. This enterprising project was designed by partners who united around a common goal:  “to attract, train and retain the best and brightest applied engineers to share in (or enhance) the prosperity of Northwest Minnesota.”

Project partners include Bemidji State University, Headwaters Regional Development Commission, Northland College, Northwest Minnesota Foundation, and Positively MInnesota.

City of Fosston

I have assisted the City of Fosston with Community and Economic Development since October 2004. The last few years, Fosston has experienced exponential growth, including two new franchise restaurants, two new assisted living facilities, a new housing development, the addition of a new industry in our industrial park and expansions of three other industries. The latest development is the location of a software company in the community.

It goes without saying that I am passionate about the community and its future in our region. We are truly becoming a regional center, with distinct strengths in the number of people employed, the number of industries and the professional services we have to offer.

We don't believe in "chasing smoke stacks." We believe in "growing the farm." It is our job as a city to offer all the resources a business needs to be successful. We think we're doing that pretty well.






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